Air Conditioner Hire, Drying Hire - London and South East 

Drying Hire and Sales

London Cool provide a wide range of Drying equipment and climate control products from Fans and air movers, dehumidifiers through to specialist flood restoration equipment . Below is a complete list of all our products in the Drying category available from our distribution centre in the South East.


Broughton Mighty Dry MD50 Dehumidifier image
  • Very large 50l maximum extraction capacity
  • Environmentally friendly low GWP refrigerant
HKL2000 - Fan Heater 2kW image
  • 2 heat settings
  • Thermostat & pilot light
FF18 Fan Heater - 18 kw 3 Phase image
  • 3 phase, ductable 9.0/18.0kW fan heater
  • Quiet operation
FF3 Fan Heater (110v or 240v)  - 3.0 kW image
  • 3.0kW ductable fan heater
  • Quiet in operation
DKB55 dehumidifier image
  • 55l dehumidifier
  • Energy rated A
10.0kW ENVIROMAX10 Industrial Portable Air Conditioner / Spot Cooler with Heat Pump image
  • Modular air conditioner 10.0kW
  • 10.0kW cooling & heating capacity
ED 36 Dehumidifier - 20ltr / day image
  • Dehumidifier with auto defrost timer
  • Adjustable automatic humidistat
CDT 35 Industrial Dehumidifier (Tank or Pump) - 38l/24hrs image
  • Low energy, high performance dehumidifier 35l/24h
  • Non o-zone depleating Refrigerant
CDT 50 Industrial Dehumdifier (Tank or Pump) - 52l/24hrs image
  • Low energy, high performance dehumidifier 52l/24h
  • Non o-zone depleating refrigerant
EH1522 Desk Fan - 12" (30cm) image
  • 12" (30cm) desk fan
  • Push button controls
MB30 / MB50 Power Fan (110V or 240V) image
  • Airflow up to 11050 cubic metres/Hour
  • Fully portable, robust and durable
Rapid Fan - Power Fan 5000 cmh image
  • Generates 5000 CFM of air flow
  • Variable speed control
LC 2000 - Power Fan  760mm  20500 cmh image
  • LC 2000 Fan
  • Powerful 20500 cubic meters per hour airflow
Industrial Warehouse Drum Fan image
  • Powerful 36 inch (90cm) Drum fan
  • Fully portable



De-humidifiers dry the air without cooling it. They work like a normal air conditioner, except that a heat exchanger is placed between the intake and exhaust. In combination with convection fans they achieve a similar level of comfort as an air cooler in humid areas, but only consume about a third of the electricity. They are also preferred by those who find the draft created by air coolers discomforting. Air conditioners automatically act as dehumidifiers when they chill the air and thus need to handle the accumulated water as well. Some models use the condensing coil and fan to evaporate the accumulated water into the outdoor air, while normal units simply allow the water to collect in a tank. Some air conditioning units need to be connected to a drain.

Fans and Air Movers

A mechanical fan is a device used to produce an airflow for the purpose of comfort, ventilation, exhaust, or any other gaseous transport. Typical applications include climate control, cooling systems, personal comfort (e.g., an electric table fan), ventilation (e.g., an exhaust fan).